Starting Again

I started this blog while things were going so well.

And then everything went downhill. Personal, professional, the world. Everything is slow-burning and we’re that dog sipping coffee trying to ignore it all.

And ignore it all, we shall.

I removed my previous posts. It was starting to feel like I need to only be in a positive and professional headspace to post here. It’s time to make this personal again.

I miss the days of personal blogging where you overshare things in your blog. Instead of, you know, oversharing in your other social media platforms. I toyed with the idea of starting a newsletter but I can’t think of anything interesting that I have to share with others. Also, a newsletter is another form that makes me think I have to put on a professional tone and cater to “my readers”. Don’t get me wrong, I will post some things that I find interesting to share here. I also want the freedom to post some rants and vents.

Thank God for the tags and categories, huh?

Anyway, here goes. Hello again.